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Workshops and Trainings

We offer

  • Training to the current and future health workforce on the role of racism in perpetuating health disparities and how to address those disparities through an anti-racism lens.

  • Workshops on foundational concepts of public health such as health disparities, health equity, and social determinants of health.

Workshops and trainings are created with our intended audience in mind and can be customized for most academic and professional settings.

Practice-based Consulting

We partner with health systems, academic institutions, non-profit organizations, and other sectors to implement culturally humble, intersectional, and safe approaches to reduce harm and improve equity for Black populations.


  • Provide guidance to research and program teams on the application of anti-racism approaches such as Public Health Critical Race Praxis

  • Partner with health profession schools and programs to improve cultural safety practices for faculty and students

Community Health Events

We intentionally design and implement community health education events that break down the barriers that Black people experience in accessing health-promoting information and services. Our two main event series are: BLKHLTH Ask a Doctor and BLKHLTH Conversations.

Digital Health Education

We produce and disseminate engaging digital content through our website, social media pages, and podcast channel on recent events and important topics related to Black health to create awareness and inform engagement.