Planting Seeds

Veganism has helped my life by allowing me to fully become spiritually aware of how I was created. This lifestyle has brought an understanding of how imperative it is to love yourself without limits. I know many people may ask how does that tie into veganism? It's because veganism teaches you to be extremely conscious of every living thing in your internal and external world. Many people are existing with full minds, yet aren't mindful. Mindful that you're like a small raindrop  in a giant pond that can create large ripples affecting every little thing in that pond. To be a part of something much bigger than myself is quite humbling. For that, I'm thankful! Veganism hasn't changed my life, I changed my life with the help of this choice. I am more grateful. With gratefulness flowing from my heart, I feel more alive than I have ever been. I'm healthier, I have more energy, my skin is clearer, and I truly appreciate the well being of all living things.

Kurtis Bush

I am a 27 year old German born Atlanta native who loves music, art, health metrics and having fun.  I also hold a BS in Psychology from Georgia State University.