Brown Beauty Mom Conversations: Why Do I #GoRedForWomen with Heart Disease?

Today is the American Heart Associations Go Red for Women’s heart disease day. Heart disease is hereditary on both sides of my family. My mom among other diseases she has she has heart failure. Right now, she’s fighting for her life after having a stroke after having open heart surgery.

1 in 3 women will have some type of heart disease in their life.

Let’s go back 2 years, I had just had Jordan by c section. I had stitches that needed to be removed like 2 weeks later. I went to the Dr with Chris to get the stitches removed. I was still swollen around my feet and ankles which I thought was normal due to me just having a baby. In the process of getting my vitals done, I was having shortness of breath. The Dr. cut the stitches and had Chris take me to the ER.