Dear “Strong” Black People

Dear “Strong” Black People,

We have to be the, “let’s carry the weight of the world on our shoulders

and hope we don’t collapse," Black People.


I know we have to be “strong," Black People


We have to be the, “watch our blood get smeared across the streets,

Achy heart,

Pounding chest,

No rest…

Go to work the next day and still smile," Black People.


I know we have to be “strong," Black People


We have to be the, “show no emotion,

Don’t cry,

Don’t vent,”

..The "just get by," Black People.


I know we have to be “strong," Black People


We have to be the, “pray about it,

Then keep it to yourself,"

Well, you know,

The, “suffer in silence,” Black people.


I know we have to be “strong," Black People.


But, what about our mental health Black People?

There is rest.

There is peace.

There is breath to BREATHE, Black People.

And Strength?

Strength comes in the form of courage to seek help, Black People.

Strength in numbers,

You don’t have to go through it by yourself, Black People. 

Chiree Graham

My name is Chiree Graham; I am a millennial writer and pharmacist who believes in the infinite power of words to heal, inspire, and most importantly connect. While sharing my introspective life experiences via several online platforms was therapy for me, it became clear that exposing such raw vulnerability served as inspiration for others. My mission has transformed into helping others find their creative voice through discovering the beauty in their vulnerability.

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